Commercial spaces for rent

Spaces available for rent in central area, suitable for storage and light production, various sizes, advantageous prices. For more details visit the Spaces for Rent section. Stop by!

“Flaros Factory” commercial space

630 sqm, 2nd Floor, with access to an industrial elevator. Can be compartmentalized according to the requirements of each client.

“Ion Minulescu 60” commercial space

955 sqm, 3rd floor, with acces to an industrial elevator.

“Footwear production section” commercial space

2200 sqm, central heating, with access to an industrial elevator.

A brief history

Starting with a tannery in the 1920s, Flaros has grown into one of the largest footwear and accessories factories in Romania with a production capacity of over 50,000 units.


Went public

Sqm for rent

In the 1980s, about one million pairs of shoes were being delivered to the former U.S.S.R.. In addition Flaros was also exporting to the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Military footwear has accounted for the bulk of exports to Africa and the Middle East.

95% of the factory’s production has been shifted to the lohn system since the 1990s, addressing exports to European markets such as the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Italy.

Footwear production has been outsourced since 2009, so Flaros has had to diversify its sources of income. The solution found by the company’s management was the rental of the spaces to economic agents and individuals for production and storage. The main asset that led to the attraction of customers eager to rent the spaces owned by Flaros is the central location of the complex.

For the time being, production remains stopped indefinitely as the company derives 100% of it’s revenues from the rental of spaces. Works have been carried out to improve and arrange the buildings in order to create favorable conditions for the activities of our clients.

At the moment we have 1000 sqm available for rent. The spaces are suitable for production and storage.


26.10.2021 – New Flaros website launch
We changed the company’s website out of the desire to provide our shareholders and potential customers, with up-to-date information about our business.